We design, deliver & support security & building management systems. We use a wide range of hardware, software & services that we can either source or develop in-house.

Using three steps, design, deliver & support we Integrate the hardware & software components together, these integrated systems can solve the majority of security or building management  requirements economically.

Design Services

With offices in both Surrey and Yorkshire we can offer design services anywhere in the UK. We have gold accreditation with the UK national security inspectorate (NSI & UKAS) to ensure quality is maintained. Our chartered engineers can deal with any challenging new technological issues that may arise.

Design of any security or building management system is broken into three parts, Requirements Analysis, System Design & Integration.

Multiple Client Design Review Meetings to finalise Requirements & Design before full Integration Documentation is completed minimises rework because of Client miss-understanding

Delivery Services

Having designed a suitable system, we can then deliver this solution anywhere in the UK (or other countries by arrangement) and we can confirm the design & delivery steps by devising a suitable set of commissioning tests.

If we are not delivering the system ourselves then we can offer a project management service. This services allows others to deliver the solution for the client under our guidance. A suitable set of commissioning tests would form the last part of this project management delivery service.

Delivery has two parts, these are split into System Installation & Commissioning and Project Management Services.

ANPR Camera Installation with Cherry Picker

Support Services

Having delivered a suitable security or building management system for a client, we can offer a support service. For example, we have developed our own IP system component monitoring software, this software helps us keep on top of simple issues before they develop into complex issues, thus reducing both cost and potential downtime to the client.

Support has two parts, fault avoidance – Proactive/Preventative Maintenance and Fault Restoration.

R & D Investment

As it is not possible to be expert in all fields of design, delivery & support we focus on continually developing integration expertise across all three areas giving us a high level of proficiency across the board.

We gather quality systems together, test them and apply our system design delivery & support expertise. These systems then work seamlessly together, thus helping us to meet any clients complex security or building management system requirements.

The overall cost of a solution can often be reduced significantly if a little more effort is put into the first step of the design (Requirements Analysis). A simple cost effective ANPR parking solution is an example showing the benefits of performing requirements analysis.