Access Control has a key role in helping ensure buildings are COVID-secure. At present, thousands of businesses across the country have to implement new measures to comply with the UK government guidelines.

At Prime Digital we can offer a Contactless entry & exit solution. This will provide a hygienic access which moves away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in government guidelines. We can integrate an existing Paxton Access Control NET2  system to provide a seamless contactless access solution to any door. Replacing locks and keys with electronic access control is a great way to ensure you and your visitors can move about your premises without having to actually touch a door.

Hands free access – this solution detects your token or smartcard automatically as you approach and unlocks the door from a safe distance.

Long range access – this product is great for carparks and external gates where your access card is detected from within your vehicle. The system can be linked to automatic gates and barriers, granting access without you having to leave your car.

Paxton Connect app – our simple to use, free to download app, lets you manage your site when you aren’t able to be physically present. The app allows you to open doors remotely to let people in while minimising contact with individual and limiting the potential spread of germs.

We can integrate IP cameras from Hikvision with a Paxton Access control system which will provide a user-friendly interface to manage building security more easily. This seamless integration allows for the easy configuration of camera detection with Net2 access control system. IP cameras can be associated to individual doors, enabling users to monitor video linked with access events. This provides a more comprehensive service for users, enabling them to take necessary actions both in real-time and post-events.

To learn how a contactless Access control solution works please click here for further details.