As the IP surveillance industry enters the era of Artificial Intelligence, security IP cameras have seen great advances through the application of AI and deep learning technologies.

At Prime Digital we can offer many solutions to provide employers and employees with a safer environment.

People Counting: To assist where the requirement of entry-control management is needed, a people-counting solution is the ideal video analytic tool for many large organisations. It can easily identify occupancy levels and monitor in real-time the number of people entering and exiting an area.

Crowd Detection: Video analytics can be used to identify how many people are present in each area. Businesses will have the tools to manage and maintain distances between staff members and customers, automatically sending alert notifications when maximum capacity is exceeded.

Below are the benefits of the crowd control solutions:-

  1. Social Distancing Compliance
  2. High Accuracy
  3. Real-time Analytics
  4. Lowered Risk of Infection

Video analytics and smart-edge cameras are enabling IP surveillance solutions to better assist users to manage their business under the increased pressures of pandemic conditions.

And, in a post COVID-19 world, the solution can be expanded as a Business Intelligence Solution to optimise operations.

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