Prime Digital can Design, Deliver & Support New Technology Security Systems

We Integrate New Technology Security Systems & Sub-Systems to solve practically any Security or Building Management need.  Prime uses New Technology Security Systems, including Artificial Intelligence and IoT, to increase functionality and reduce cost. For example Prime installed CCTV cameras in the Christie Hospital Proton Beam Line project.

Prime can offer Design services anywhere in the UK, from our offices in Surrey and York. We have Gold accreditation with the UK National Security Inspectorate (NSI & UKAS) to ensure we maintain Quality in everything we do. Our Chartered Engineers can always deal with any challenging new technology issues. Vetting of Prime’s systems & processes is thorough, to ensure the highest standards for our Clients.

New Technology Security Systems Options Have Increased

Over the last 10 years new technology options have grown many times while prices have reduced and as a consequence, we can now solve practically any Security or Building Management needs quickly, without it costing the earth.

Fuelled as a result of Artificial Intelligence developments, the field of robotics, has grown rapidly to provide us with sophisticated tools like facial detection & fight detection. These tools assist human operators to do their tasks more effectively. For example, one operator can monitor 1,000 live video cameras without missing an event.

We outsource to obtain some modules to integrate into our overall solution. We outsource because it is not possible to be an expert in building all system modules. This approach allows us to meet all of our Clients system requirements. The cost of a solution is less, if more effort is put into Requirements Analysis. This also has the added benefit of finding the best technology to meet the system requirements. Prime can tease out requirements by facilitating Requirements Analysis meetings.

A simple cost effective ANPR parking solution is an example which shows the benefits of doing Requirements Analysis.