Health Sector

Security in the Health sector industry presents significant challenges due to demanding requirements and regulations.

The Health department is under constant pressure. Excellent patient care is priority but it is difficult to provide under tough budgetary constraints .

The Health sector contains high value facilities and equipment. Volatile situations involving the safety and lives of people. A diverse array of spaces, buildings and departments which contain a variety of people all need safeguarding.

How we can help:-

Prime Digital are NSI Gold and Chas accredited and this ensures that we always maintain quality in everything that we do.

When designing security systems, the protection of the hospital’s people, property, information and reputation requires consideration of legislation, cost and the potential for litigation.

Prime Digital have helped many Government Organisations (including Christie Hospital in Manchester) to update their very large CCTV systems for a few thousand pounds.

For example, we can provide you with an unlimited camera IP CCTV server for £2,000. Then we would convert all your existing IP CCTV cameras (no matter what brand they are) across to this server.For £32 each, we can also convert any legacy analogue cameras (that you want to keep) across on to the same system, as well.

After this install you will have a modern IP CCTV system which you can add IP cameras to (£140-£200 each).

Parking is also a major issue within the health care sector. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras integrated through appropriate software, can address many parking issues.

New Technology:-

We are carrying out some Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) testing. We have been testing with Bath University, helping 24/7 operators to spot abnormal events.

These abnormalities occur on their existing CCTV cameras. We would like to discuss these tests in more detail as they progress over the next few months.

If you have an immediate need to assist your operators to spot events on your existing cameras, then  please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact Us:-

If you would like to discuss or arrange a complimentary site appointment with our qualified chartered engineer please contact us.

We also offer an annual support contract which can be tailor made if you require a more bespoke service agreement.