With government guidelines on the return back to work firmly in place we have seen an unprecedented demand for other more simple, fast and straight forward solutions.

We can supply the following :-

How does coronavirus spread? How do you get it? - Los Angeles Times

Hand sanitisation stations / kiosks – Dedicated sanitizing areas provides the perfect solution for any building that has visitors – including hospitals, key-worker production and distribution centres, supermarkets, shops and schools.


Digital Signage in a Post-Covid World | XOGO Digital Signage Digital display and Signage – Display valuable reminders to your customers and staff by installing Floor standing, wall mounted or free standing signs and stickers to enforce social distancing guideline and safety measures.


Office screens – Acrylic screens, glass screens, sneeze screens, coughing screens, perspex screens, anti-bacterial screens or simply Covid-19 safe office screens are now available.

These above measures will help people feel reassured and protected.