Prime Digital design, supply, install, maintain CCTV systems for all sizes of retail operation. We can design a security system to your precise requirements.

A retail-based CCTV system is used mainly for deterrence. Store managers hope that warning notices and visible cameras are enough to put off even the most determined shoplifting gangs, who fear that they’ll be recognised by camera operators.There’s also the issue of evidence-gathering. Our cameras are good quality and this enables law enforcement to identify suspects.

Investing in IP video surveillance cameras as a solution to your security needs provides numerous long-term benefits such as reduced retail shrinkage, maximized store profits, lowered insurance rates, and ultimately a decrease in the number of theft cases. We can also offer advance intelligence such as people counting , queue management, loitering functionality, and crowd detection. Leveraging your security camera systems’ intelligence will help you sustain a thriving, successful business.