Why choose us ?

Firstly, over the last 15 years, Prime Digital have designed well over 100 secondary school installs.

We have integrated many of these CCTV systems in schools with Access control and Intruder systems.

Secondly, our professional and accredited security engineers are highly experienced to ensure you have a robust security system for your school.

Also, we have experience and expertise in upgrading existing systems without the high costs of a new installation.

For example, we can fix up your old school CCTV camera system by installing new recording hardware you will have a working system.

As a result you can simply  add a wide range of new CCTV cameras. A well designed CCTV, Access Control and Intruder system can be invaluable to a secondary school .

A well integrated school security system has the ability to assist in many aspects of education.

Installing well sited cameras with signage that surveillance is in operation will certianly serve as both a deterrent and evidence.

Benefits of a School CCTV system:-

  • Protects the staff/pupils from attack both day and night
  • Privacy masking to protect Pupils & Neighbours
  • Prevents vandalsim
  • Prevents bullying
  • Monitor remote exit and entrances
  • Bathroom monitoring
  • Remote System Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote video access to aid late night, intruder alarm, keyholder response
  • Address bad behaviour issues and award good

Integrate your CCTV security system with Access Control or  Video Analytics . 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used in secondary schools to mainly assist problems with car park management.

For example here is a case study  – John Hampden Grammar School ANPR Customer Reference

Likewise, other video analytics, such as, facial recognition, perimeter detection and left objects can also be an added benefit to a schools system
Please contact us for  a complimentary site survey or to discuss your requirements further.