ANPR – automatic number plate recognition, also known as LPR- licence plate recognition has been developed and designed so that the software can accurately monitor and capture number plates of vehicles entering/exiting their property. It is now essential for businesses to monitor vehicle movement since it not only assists as a valuable security tool to maintain safety and security onsite, but to ensure workplace productivity is improved and your premises are effectively monitored.

Our systems provide extremly accurate and precise imaging as we use high resolution ANPR cameras. The cameras take images and store these on a database,the software cross references these plates in the database and any blacklisted plates will be sent as an alert.

Customer ANPR Reference

The highly intelligent software in addition offers a lot more:

Added benefits

  • Car park management
  • Recognition of clients vehicles as they drive in
  • Site access control
  • Enhances site security
  • Automated alerts of unauthorised vehicles
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking overstay management
  • Assist in reducing staff costs
  • A complete ANPR solution with integrated hardware and software

ANPR software consequently is widely already effective for use in highly congested areas such as:-

Hospitals, Service stations, Retail, Leisure parks, Hotels.

If you would like a bespoke service tailor made to your requirements then it is especially relevant that you see our bespoke ANPR solution below.