CCTV systems have evolved to good quality at reasonable prices, the main cost reduction and improvement opportunities are associated with the people monitoring the video feeds (these people are expensive and difficult to motivate to monitor hundreds of live cameras when very little is happening).

At Prime Digital we believe that the recent development of video analytics is the future for live CCTV security monitoring, to unlock the best value from the CCTV systems that already exist. These video analytic systems, working together with people (who are much more effective at managing complex situations, than the systems are) are the future for live CCTV security monitoring at your University.

This video analytic software is very innovative and analyses your existing footage (for, say, 100 or more key cameras) for over a month to determine a base of “normal activity”. This normal activity is characterised, by the system, as video feature vectors. Any incidents like fighting, graffiti etc (that you report during this period) will be highlighted as “not normal” video feature vectors which can then be flagged in the system to notify your operators, in real time, when they occur in the future (99.99% of the “normal” events will be suppressed to avoid operator overload/distraction).

Since the system is open ended and can set up video feature vectors to highlight any activity, that your operators may be interested in, in the future (eg threatening behaviour with knives or vandalism).

In one case a collaboration between the mental health team on a campus, in Australia, and the security team on the same campus resulted in a significant improvement in student mental health.

In conclusion to see how technology from this analytical software is enhancing the level of security and safety across its sites, please see 2 case studies, the first is from Swinburne University and the second is from a Shopping Mall in the Middle East.

If you are interested in further discussing the possibility of a trial of this video analytic software, on your existing cameras, at your University please do contact us.