Primary School Security Systems, why consider installing a system ?

CCTV is now an established part of the Education market. Before making the important decision of installing a security camera system, it is better to be equipped with complete knowledge about the advantages as well as some disadvantages that will enable you to make an informed decision and help you choose a system that fulfills your needs and expectations.


Providing a safe learning environment for children- Security systems give parents more confidence that the school is providing a safe environment for their children. Parents may feel more secure knowing that certain areas of the school are being monitored.

Teacher monitoring- Surveillance cameras are a great security support for schools. Teachers can evaluate their lessons or use footage to improve their classroom management.

Accidents- If a young child has an accident; the footage from the cameras can be used to see the reason/cause of the accident.

To prevent bad pupil behaviors such as bullying – Bullying in schools has been a major problem and can start even from a young age. This is a very serious issue since it adversely affects pupil learning.

Secure school premises- When it comes to ensuring safety of school property, nothing seems to work better than security cameras. By installing cameras at your entry and exit points Primary Schools can detect intruders, vandals and other unauthorised access to the premises.

Visitor Monitoring- Pupil safety is a major concern.  When visitors enter your school it is important to keep an eye on them.  Security cameras will make your job much easier since you can watch any visitor from any internet connected device.

Protection-Staff can be protected from any false allegations.

Disadvantages :-

The initial expenses of a security system– Installation and maintenance cost can be seen off putting to getting school security cameras installed. However the cost of surveillance equipment over the last few years has decreased and we offer a Primary Solution from £160/month.

Legality- Depending where cameras are installed, placing surveillance cameras in a school building may be considered a form of privacy invasion for both pupils and staff.

Absence of trust – The installation of surveillance cameras in a school, particularly in the classrooms, may be a sign that there are trust issues that exists between the school administrators and the teachers, as well as between the parents and the school.

For more information about installing a CCTV system at your Primary School please see our 8 camera Offer.